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Dr. Dan Myers and the team from Cosmetic Dentistry Center are pleased to offer JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC anti-aging treatment to the residents of Alpharetta and the surrounding areas. We are a general and cosmetic dental practice located in the Windward Plaza in Alpharetta. We offer facial aesthetics as a complement to our complete array of cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, adult braces and more.

Nothing complements a beautiful smile like smooth and youthful looking skin. As a doctor of dental medicine, Dr. Myers is highly qualified to administer JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC gel injections for use in treating wrinkles and other signs of aging in the face. He is also qualified to offer a number of anesthetic options to make the process as easy and as painless as possible. With his extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Myers has a keen eye for aesthetics. Using the popular facial filler, JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC, he helps his patients look and feel their very best.

What is Juvederm Voluma XC Injectable Gel?

JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC Injectable Gel is the first and only facial filler that is FDA-approved to add instant volume to the cheek area. Hollowed or sunken cheeks are a common sign of aging that can be effectively treated with JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC Injectable Gel. This facial filler contains Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring, hydrating substance found in your skin to add fullness to your cheeks and help you regain a youthful appearance. You can expect this advanced cosmetic treatment to last up to two years with optimal treatment.

Advance Treatment for Wrinkles

If you are interested in advanced treatment for wrinkles and other signs of aging, please contact our Alpharetta Juvederm Voluma XC Treatment Professionals today. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Myers can determine if JUVÈDERM VOLUMA™ XC Injectable Gel is right for you. If so, he can administer your injections in the comfort of our dental office in a painless procedure that lasts only a few minutes. Please call and schedule your appointment today!

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