Surprising Ways Your Smile Can Affect Your Career

Do you hesitate to smile because you want to mask misshapen, crooked, or yellowing teeth? If so, you may be failing to meet your career potential, since a healthy smile can go a long way in any industry. Your smile can be a key to your confidence, but you may not enjoy your smile if you face one of the many conditions that cause patients to consider cosmetic dentistry. If you are thinking about tooth whitening, Snap-On-Smiles, or dental veneers in Alpharetta, read on to see the impact that a beautiful, healthy smile can have on your career.

smile - teeth

Your smile can shape your confidence.

When smiling is a source of dread because you don’t like the look of your teeth, you may not smile with much confidence. Alternatively, a smile that has been treated with dental implants or tooth whitening will emanate confidence. Presenting yourself with an aura of self-confidence can cause a manager or potential employer to take notice, and you might find better career opportunities as a result.

A healthy smile can keep you from missing work.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like placement of porcelain crowns and bridges or veneers to fill in gaps between the teeth not only improve the appearance of any smile, but they can improve the health of the teeth and gums. A healthy smile can reduce the risk of tooth decay, periodontitis, and other conditions that might cause enough pain and discomfort to make you miss work. When you attend work more frequently without having to take sick days, you may be considered a more reliable employee, which could make you more eligible for raises and promotions.

Your smile makes a lasting impression on clients and coworkers.

Being able to show off a bright, even smile can allow you to make a better impression on your clients and colleagues. A beautiful smile can also indicate that you are a healthy individual and keep people guessing about your age.

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