What You Can Do to Support Your Teen's Oral Health

You’ve helped your child take care of his or her oral health since birth, but when kids reach their teens, they take on more responsibility for their own care—and that can sometimes lead to a decline in how they care for their teeth. Making visits to your family dentistry practice in Alpharetta mandatory is one easy thing you can do to support your teen’s transition to being in charge of his or her health. These tips will also help you empower your teen to make the right choices. teenager - dentist

Talk About New Risks

Teens often face things like smoking and piercings for the first time, and they may not have a full understanding of the impacts of these things on their health. Talk to your teens about the ways smoking, drug use, piercings, and other behaviors can impact their teeth and gums. For instance, explain how oral piercings can increase the risk of infections and cause damage to the teeth or how smoking can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Rather than making it a lecture, have a conversation with your teen, so he or she feels comfortable asking for your advice as they tackle these issues.

Lead by Example

Demonstrate to your teen that taking care of your oral health is part of adulthood. Maintain a schedule of visiting your family dentist twice per year, and brush and floss twice per day. Choose foods that support good oral health and avoid sugary beverages and candies. Talk to your teen about the choices you are making, so he or she understands the work you put into keeping your mouth healthy.

Intervene Early

Keep an eye on your teen’s oral hygiene habits, and intervene early if you notice a problem. Talk to your teen about why he or she is neglecting his or her oral health and what you can do to make it easier to stick to a good hygiene routine. Involve your family dentist as well. He or she is used to helping teens through this period and can offer valuable advice you may not have considered.

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