A Patient's Guide to Gum Contouring

Cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta can change your life by enhancing your smile and raising your confidence. While some choose treatments like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening procedures, others are better suited for gum contouring. This is a great way to deal with an uneven gum line, and in some cases it even comes with medical benefits. If you’re nervous about the procedure, it can be helpful to learn about it and do away with the myths. Take a look ahead for a patient’s guide to gum contouring. gum - contouring

Why Gums Are Uneven

People often seek cosmetic dentistry procedures like gum contouring for aesthetic reasons, but why is it that people need this type of treatment? It’s often those who have an uneven gum line that decide to talk to their cosmetic dentistry professionals about gum contouring. A “gummy smile” is one that shows too much of the gums, which can make the teeth look shorter. Gum recession, on the other hand, can make your teeth look too long and weigh on your confidence. Unappealing gum lines are often caused by health issues, the medications used to treat them, or genetics.

How Gum Contouring Helps

The purpose of gum contouring treatment—and most cosmetic dentistry procedures in general—is to make you happier with your smile. Sometimes there are medical reasons to undergo gum contouring, but the treatment is typically done for cosmetic reasons. Your cosmetic dentistry professional can use gum contouring to modify your gum line, ultimately improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. If the procedure is done for medical reasons, it can help with periodontal disease.

A Look at the Procedure

Before you go in for any cosmetic dentistry procedure, you’ll talk to your dentist about what to expect. Your dentist will show you where your new gum line will be before applying a local anesthetic. Make sure you don’t have anything too intensive planned for the day of your surgery, as you’ll need some time to rest after having your gum contouring procedure done. Use over-the-counter painkillers, stay away from spicy foods, and follow your dentist’s instructions after the procedure.

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