Common Questions About Snap-On Smile®

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments available in Alpharetta to transform your smile. But what if you prefer rapid results without spending a lot? It might sound too good to be true, but there really is a quick, easy, and affordable solution—with no drilling or local anesthetic required! Talk to your cosmetic dentist about Snap-On Smile®. It’s a revolutionary system that comfortably fits over your existing smile to give you an instant smile makeover. snapon - smile

What problems can it fix?

One of the many benefits of Snap-On Smile® is its versatility. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend it to camouflage tooth discoloration, gaps, and chips. It can fill in areas affected by tooth loss and it covers up crooked teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will determine if this treatment is right for your dental concerns.

How can I get Snap-On Smile®?

Your first step is to schedule an appointment at a dental office that provides Snap-On Smile®. You’ll have a brief consultation to discuss the treatment and determine if it’s right for you. During the same appointment, your dentist can take impressions of your teeth. Then, you’ll choose the right shade and shape of Snap-On Smile® for your new look. Your dental impressions are sent to a lab and your new pearly whites are custom-made just for you. After a few weeks, you’ll return to the dental office to receive your new smile. There is no drilling required and none of your natural tooth enamel needs to be removed. During your final appointment, your dentist will simply make sure that your Snap-On Smile® fits properly.

Can I eat and drink while wearing it?

You can eat most foods while wearing your new teeth, but you should avoid very sticky or hard foods. You should also avoid chewing gum. You may drink most beverages while wearing Snap-On Smile®, but take care to clean it carefully after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine in order to prevent staining.

Does it require special care and maintenance?

Just as if you were wearing aligners or dentures, you’ll clean your Snap-On Smile® regularly to promote good oral health. It’s a good idea to clean it after each meal and before bedtime. Your Snap-On Smile® comes with a special care kit. With the proper care, your new pearly whites should last about three to five years.
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