Causes and Risk Factors of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease in Alpharetta can be reversed, but you need to know why you have it in the first place in order to change your behaviors. With the help of your periodontist, you can bring your oral health back to where it needs to be and alleviate the symptoms of periodontal disease. This type of dental health problem occurs when bacteria and plaque build up on the teeth. Other health conditions can make you more susceptible to oral health complications, and smoking cigarettes will only exacerbate the problem. Here is a quick look at some of the causes and risk factors of periodontal disease. periodontal - disease

Bacteria and Plaque

Food debris, bacteria, and other elements found in the mouth can come together to form plaque if you don’t expel them by brushing your teeth after meals. This plaque can build up and harden into tartar, eventually pushing up above or down below the gum line. Then the gums may become red, swollen, and inflamed, and they may even begin to recede from your teeth. You can remove plaque by brushing your teeth, but you’ll need the help of your cosmetic dentistry practice to deal with tartar. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once in between to prevent plaque buildup.

Other Health Conditions

Certain health conditions, like diabetes, can make you more prone to infection. This will ultimately make you susceptible to gum disease. Additionally, the medications used to treat other health conditions might come with side effects that could increase your risk for gum disease. Dry mouth is one particular side effect to watch out for, as a lack of saliva means it’s tougher to flush out the bacteria. Talk to your primary doctor and your cosmetic dentistry office about your medications and your oral health.

Tobacco Use

Using tobacco won’t improve your health in any area, and it may be part of the cause behind your gum disease. Smoking can even hold you back when you’re in treatment for gum disease. Do your best to quit in order to reduce your risk for gingivitis and periodontitis.

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