Porcelain Veneers: Challenges and Solutions

Porcelain veneers near Alpharetta are a common type of dental restoration for patients with chipped or heavily discolored teeth. Veneers can restore patients’ smiles and confidence, but the veneers must be made and applied correctly. If a veneer is overly white or oddly-shaped, then patients may dislike the results of the new veneers. Read on to see the solutions to common challenges surrounding veneers. porcelain - veneer

Overly White Veneers

Patients often believe that their teeth can only be attractive if they are as white as possible. However, overly white teeth can be off-putting and unattractive. Overly white veneers may also look out of place compared to the patient’s bottom teeth, which may have not undergone any whitening procedures. Patients must consult with their dentist on the correct color of their future veneers. Cosmetic dentists should be experienced enough to understand the level of whiteness and brightness that will look most attractive for each patient’s veneers.

Unattractive Veneers

Veneers are custom-made to match the patient’s current teeth shape and color. They can also be made slightly different from the patient’s original teeth, if the patient has cosmetic concerns. If the veneers look or feel oversized or misshapen, though, then they may appear unattractive and ill-formed. It is important for patients to choose a cosmetic dentist with experience and positive reviews to ensure that the veneers are made and shaped correctly. It is also important for patients to voice their concerns to their dentist to ensure the procedure is a success.

Overprepared Teeth

Dentists must prepare the affected teeth to ensure that the veneers successfully adhere to the dental surface. The preparation requires shaving off a small portion of the enamel and applying a dental cement to the tooth and veneer. This should be a quick and painless experience. However, the shaved teeth can be overprepared by an inexperienced dentist. If the teeth are shaved down too much, then it can cause an improper fit for the veneers. Problems, such as broken veneers, can arise soon after the procedure when the teeth are overprepared.
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