How Your Family Dentist Can Calm Your Anxious Child

While regular flossing and brushing are essential for preventing cavities and gum disease, so are regular dentist checkups. Unfortunately, some children are nervous about getting in the dentist chair. If this sounds like your young one, then keep reading to learn how your family dentistry provider in Alpharetta can calm your anxious child. child - dentist

Get to Know Your Child

When it comes to family dentistry, many dental professionals realize that children can be nervous while at the dentist. For this reason, your child’s dentist may begin the treatment process by introducing himself and having a conversation. This process allows your child and her dentist to get to know one another and pinpoint what may be causing your child’s anxiety.

Offer Positive Reinforcement

As with many other areas of your child’s development, providing her with positive reinforcement is an excellent way to make her feel more relaxed while at the dentist. For example, children are often unfamiliar with how they should behave during their appointments. By complementing your kid’s ability to sit still and allow her teeth to be examined, your dentist can make her feel more comfortable and confident.

Be Mindful of Body Language

Kids can be incredibly observant of the body language of those around them. For this reason, when treating your anxious child, her dentist can pay close attention to his behavior and tone of voice to help keep her calm. Practicing calm and patient body language even when a nervous child cries or struggles to sit still during her appointment is important for both dentists and parents.

Suggest Conscious Sedation

Often referred to as laughing gas, conscious sedation with nitrous oxide is an option that the dentist may recommend if your child is struggling to relax. Laughing gas is offered by many family dentistry offices, and it can be inhaled to achieve a state of relaxation. The effects dissipate as soon as the mask is removed, and patients remain awake but relaxed while inhaling nitrous oxide. In this way, conscious sedation can make treatment much more pleasant for anxious children.

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