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How Dentists Select Appropriate Tooth Shades

Are you thinking about seeing a dentist for veneers, Snap-On Smile® treatment, or dental implants in Alpharetta? If so, then matching the materials used in these cosmetic dentistry procedures to the color of your teeth is important for achieving a natural looking smile. Although this may seem simple, the process is more complicated than you might expect. To find the right shade, dentists consider several crucial factors.

First, it’s important to have proper lighting. Appropriate illumination helps the eyes function at their best and is essential for proper color perception, which relies on chroma, hue, and value. Chroma is a hue’s saturation level, a hue is a group of similar looking wavelengths, and value refers to levels of light and dark. Under the correct lighting, your dentist will refer to a shade guide, the nature of which may depend on the type of restoration or cosmetic option you are receiving. After considering these factors, your dentist can select the appropriate tooth shade for your smile.

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