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What You Should Know About the ADA Seal of Acceptance

The American Dental Association, or ADA, is a not-for-profit association of dentists and dental scientists from all over the country. In addition to supporting members and dentists in Alpharetta, the ADA is the leading scientific organization that approves various dental products and procedures. This approval is known as the ADA Seal of Acceptance, and it can be found on toothpastes, floss, teeth whitening products, and so much more.

As seen in the short video, the Seal of Acceptance can only be earned when a company submits the proper studies, ingredient lists, and other necessary information about a dental product. This product must meet very specific standards, put out by the ADA, to ensure it performs as stated. For example, only toothpastes with the ADA Seal have been proven to prevent cavities, control tartar, or to whiten teeth. These are just a few promises that a dental product might say and do with the ADA Seal of Acceptance.