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Answering Your Questions About Oral Conscious Sedation

Sedation dentistry has become a common feature in family dentistry in Alpharetta. With oral conscious sedation, you can have a multitude of procedures done by your dentist in the safety of the dentist’s chair. These procedures—ranging from veneers to dental implants—are easily done while you are under sedation. If you have any further questions about oral conscious sedation, continue reading below. Oral - Sedation

Who can benefit with oral conscious sedation?

Almost anyone can benefit from using oral conscious sedation. If you have a fear of dentists or medical procedures, then sedation is the perfect complement to any dental treatment. You can have the simplest or the most complex procedures done without fear. If you have a highly sensitive gag reflex or sensitive teeth, then sedation may be right for you too. You can also choose oral conscious sedation if you require several procedures done and do not have time for multiple visits.

Is oral conscious sedation a safe option?

Oral conscious sedation is a very safe option, especially if you suffer from an intense fear of visiting the dentist or have physical reactions you cannot control. Sedation will fully relax your muscles so there is no danger of tensing up or hurting yourself while the dentist performs the procedures. Due to the relaxed muscles, there is less chance of complications during the treatment due to involuntary reflexes or tensing.

What procedures can be done under sedation?

Oral conscious sedation can be used for all dental procedures. The administered medication puts you into an extreme state of relaxation that makes you feel like you are asleep. Whether your dentist is placing veneers on your teeth, implanting dental implants, or simply filling cavities, oral conscious sedation can be used. If you need several procedures done, then your dentist can utilize your time under sedation to perform all of the treatments. You can have all of your dental needs addressed in one, easy appointment with oral conscious sedation.

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