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Prioritizing Your Family's Oral Health

Chances are, your family’s health is already one of your main priorities. But did you know that overall health is supported by good oral care? Family dentistry practitioners point to links between oral health and systemic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, it’s easy to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by visiting a family dentistry office in Alpharetta on a routine basis for exams and professional cleanings.

You can watch this featured video to learn more about the basics of family dentistry. This expert reminds parents that kids need frequent reminders to brush their teeth thoroughly. Consider getting your child an electronic toothbrush that keeps track of how long the teeth are brushed. Many kids neglect to floss regularly. Set a good example by flossing your own teeth at least once daily. If your children struggle with the proper flossing technique, a dental hygienist will be happy to lend a hand.