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A Quick Look at DentalVibe

Preventive family dentistry services, such as professional cleanings and exams, do not require local anesthesia. But if you or your child is found to have cavities, a family dentist serving Alpharetta will need to inject a local anesthetic to treat the area without causing pain. Although the delivery of local anesthesia is a perfectly safe, straightforward family dentistry procedure, the injection itself can cause discomfort. Those who already struggle with dental anxieties may have a particularly difficult time sitting still for the injection. The solution is an innovative technology called DentalVibe.

DentalVibe is a handheld tool that delivers strong, yet gentle vibrations to the treatment site. Not only are these vibrations soothing, but they actually work to block the pain signals that are transmitted to the brain when the injection occurs. As a result, many patients don’t realize that they’ve been injected with local anesthesia. As an added bonus, the vibrations from this handheld tool support the dispersal of the anesthetic, which allows it to work faster.

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