Tooth Wear and TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorders refer to problems that can result in jaw and facial pain, and can sometimes be caused by teeth grinding or clenching. If you believe that you may suffer from this condition, then seeing your dentist for TMJ treatment serving Alpharetta can be essential for your oral health. Watch this video to learn about teeth wear and TMJ disorder.

Tooth wear occurs when the structure and surface of teeth are progressively reduced due to internal and external forces. When hard tooth material is worn away because of teeth clenching or grinding, this is called attrition.

The extent of wear from attrition depends on how much the person clenches and grinds their teeth, but it tends to be more severe in individuals who do this at night. The wear caused by TMJ can leave your teeth more vulnerable to cavities, so seeking TMJ treatment is critical for your oral health.

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