A Closer Look at Six Month Smiles

If you have heard of Six Month Smiles, then you may have wondered how it will help you. Six Month Smiles employs tooth-colored braces that can shift and correct your smile in as little as six months. Get to know more about the Six Month Smiles program and clear braces in Alpharetta by reading the following: six - months - braces

It will improve your smile.

The root of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile, and that is why the Six Month Smiles program is usually found in a cosmetic dentist’s office. Six Month Smiles will improve your smile in a number of ways. Your teeth will be straighter, and your jaw will be aligned. Both of these features can improve the appearance of your smile and your own self-confidence. If you have ever been embarrassed by your crooked teeth and uneven smile, then Six Month Smiles is the program to improve your smile and the way you view yourself.

It will improve your oral health.

Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws can severely hinder your oral health, especially when left untreated. With crooked teeth, it becomes more difficult to reach certain areas of your mouth while brushing your teeth and flossing. Misaligned jaws can wear down the wrong areas of your teeth, which may lead to several other problems throughout your life. Once your teeth are corrected and your jaw is aligned, then you should notice a significant improvement of your oral health.

It will improve your jaw’s function.

As stated previously, a misaligned jaw can lead to several problems. Your teeth can wear down in unnatural patterns, which may lead to increased tooth decay, tooth loss, and an aged appearance. In addition to unnatural wear, your bite pattern may be misaligned, which can affect the way your face looks and how your teeth wear down. Once your jaw is aligned with the Six Month Smiles program, your jaw’s function can be corrected, and your oral health and appearance will improve.
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