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What Are the Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings?

When you or a loved one is in need of fillings or dental implants in Alpharetta, it’s important that you pick the right dentist. A dentist’s office that offers metal-free dentistry can provide you with the safest and highest-quality materials for your fillings. Traditional amalgam fillings contained a high amount of mercury, an extremely dangerous metal that can cause severe damage to a person’s body. Metal can also become weakened over time by temperature changes, which can undermine the stability of your filling. By contrast, metal-free fillings do not contain dangerous materials, and they are extremely strong and durable. They can be used to treat a wider variety of cosmetic issues than traditional fillings, including chipped and worn teeth. Many patients also consider metal-free fillings to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fillings, which makes for a better and more attractive smile. When you are choosing a new dentist, be sure that you go with a practice that offers metal-free fillings.

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