A Look at Braces for Adults

Traditionally, braces are a dental treatment associated with children and teenagers. However, an increasing number of adults have been opting to undergo teeth straightening treatments. Recent developments in orthodontics have resulted in far more discreet and attractive options than traditional metal braces. These include lingual braces as well as tooth-colored ceramic braces, which are less striking than the metal equivalents. Clear, removable, Invisalign aligner trays have proven especially popular with adult patients seeking braces near Alpharetta. Invisalign is so discreet others may not be able to tell that you are wearing braces. Check out the advantages of getting braces as an adult. Adult with braces

Why Do Adults Get Braces?

As we grow older, the position of our teeth can shift. This can be the result of physical injury, certain medical conditions, or jaw growth patterns. Even if you had straight teeth as a child, your teeth may become crooked, misaligned, or crowded during adulthood. This can adversely affect the appearance of your smile. Crooked teeth can also hamper eating and drinking or render speech more difficult. In addition, some adults may have had untreated crooked teeth since childhood or adolescence. Getting braces as an adult can allow you to get the straight and healthy smile you desire.

What if You Had Braces as a Child?

Some patients undergo straightening treatments in childhood, only to find that their teeth become crooked or misaligned as they grow older. This may be the result of not using retainers correctly or for a long enough period. Dentists are now prescribing longer-term retainer use than they did in the past. Some people may find that changes in jaw growth patterns may lead to previously straight teeth becoming misaligned once more. Straightening treatments may take longer to take effect in adults. Some insurance companies do not cover adult orthodontics. However, crooked or overcrowded teeth are associated with an increased risk of longer-term dental health problems. It is never too late to achieve a beautiful and straight smile.

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