What Is Involved with Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a combination of several procedures that aid in restoring the mouth and teeth to complete health and proper function. Sometimes lumped in with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, a full mouth reconstruction is used when your mouth needs certain procedures, such as dental implants or braces near Alpharetta. To learn more about everything involved with full mouth reconstruction, continue reading. dental - health

Dental Examination

Before any procedures can be determined or specialists can be called, your dentist will need to conduct a thorough dental examination. This exam will determine the condition of your entire mouth and jaw, including its function and appearance. Your dentist will examine the state of your teeth and gums. This will be one of the most important steps of your full mouth reconstruction, because it determines how healthy your mouth is and what steps should be taken to restore it to full health. Your dentist will also examine your bite and your jaw muscles and joints. By performing this examination, your dentist will know if you need orthodontic work or an oral appliance to correct any jaw issues. To finish the examination, your dentist will look at the overall appearance of your teeth and mouth; this may influence any cosmetic procedures that could be done.

Multiple Specialists

Your full mouth reconstruction will likely involve more experts than just your dentist. Reconstructions may require various specialists, such as an oral surgeon, orthodontist, and periodontist. If you have been diagnosed with a temporomandibular joint disorder, often known as TMD or TMJ, then you may also require a doctor specializing in TMJ treatments.

Potential Procedures

Just as you might meet with several specialists, you might require several different dental treatments throughout the course of your full mouth reconstruction. Depending on your individual problem, your dentist may recommend dental implants with dentures or crowns, braces, bone or tissue grafts, and intense periodontal care and cleaning. Speak with your dentist at length to understand more about your full mouth reconstruction.

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