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Spotlight on Snap-on Smile® Treatment

Snap-on Smile® is a popular treatment found in cosmetic dentistry because it can restore the look of natural teeth without the cost of veneers or the long process of wearing braces. This cosmetic dental procedure is the perfect solution for patients wishing to restore their smile but may not have the time or money to choose other cosmetic procedures. Let’s get a closer look at Snap-on Smile® near Alpharetta and how it can change a smile forever.

Whether patients have stained, gapped, chipped, or missing teeth, they can benefit from the Snap-on Smile® treatment. With Snap-on Smile®, patients can snap a thin, oral appliance over their existing teeth. This snap on solution can be used for the top or bottom teeth, and it is made from a very strong, dental resin. Snap-on Smile® can be a temporary or permanent teeth-restoring solution; it is also just as strong as porcelain veneers, except Snap-on Smile® is less invasive and a more affordable option. Speak with a qualified dentist to learn more about Snap-on Smile® treatments.

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