How to Prepare for Your Family's Dental Checkups

Family dentistry in Alpharetta helps both children and adults with their dental checkups and concerns. With family dentistry checkups, your entire family can have their teeth cleaned of plaque and tooth decay in one easy appointment. Before packing up the car and heading to your family dentist, though, here are some simple steps to prepare for your family’s dental checkups: family - dentist

Schedule for the Entire Family

It is best to schedule all of your family’s dental appointments on the same day. This saves you from making multiple trips to the dental office, and it can help calm fears that your children may have about visiting the dentist. Make sure to speak with your family dentist about the nature of each family members’ visit, and schedule these visits on a day where no one will be pressed for time. If you or your family are stressed about other engagements, then everyone is likelier to become nervous or upset.

Discuss Dentistry with Children

Before arriving at the dental office, sit down with your children to discuss any questions or fears they may have about family dentistry. This is a great opportunity to explain what a dentist does and why it is necessary to your children’s continued health. You can use this time to calm any fears of pain or unknown procedures. Suggest your children engage in conversation with the dentist to further calm their nerves and increase their knowledge of dentistry and dental health. The more your children know about dentistry, the likelier that they will not be scared to see the dentist.

List Medications for Dentist

Make a point to come to the dentist with a list of medications everyone is using. You may also wish to include any current health concerns and dental issues. With these lists in hand, you will be more prepared to answer any questions your dentist might have, and you will remember to ask your own questions about your or your children’s dental health.

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