Coping with Jaw Pain at Your Dental Visit

While today’s dental technology allows for many procedures to be performed painlessly, some patients dislike having their teeth worked on due to their jaw discomfort. If you’re scheduled to visit your family dentistry office in Alpharetta but are concerned about experiencing jaw pain due to a TMJ disorder, then use the following tips to help cope with this issue: jaw - pain

Prepare for your appointment.

If you typically experience jaw pain while in the dentist chair, there are a few things that you can do ahead of time to help ease your symptoms. On the day of and before your treatment, avoid eating crunchy foods, or those that are difficult to chew. Also, before you head to your dentist office, apply hot and cold packs to the outside of your jaw to help reduce swelling and loosen up the joint.

Talk to your dentist.

It’s important for patients not to hesitate to speak to their dentist about their jaw pain because, in many cases, there are several steps that can be taken to ease your discomfort. Your dentist might suggest using a jaw rest during your appointment, which is a device that can hold your mouth open for you. Also, some dentists offer sedation dentistry, which will help you relax and feel less tense while having your teeth worked on. Finally, simply taking short breaks during your procedure can significantly reduce your jaw discomfort.

Seek TMJ disorder treatment.

If your jaw consistently gives you pain, then consider looking into your TMJ treatment options. During your dental visit, take this opportunity to talk to your dentist about your jaw discomfort. He will assess your jaw and ask you questions about your symptoms to diagnose the condition. Some signs that indicate you should speak to your dentist about TMJ treatment include tenderness or pain in your jaw, aching pain in or close to your ear, locking of the joint, painful or difficult chewing, or aching facial pain. Your dentist can offer you treatment options to help reduce your TMJ symptoms and make your dentist visits more comfortable.

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