A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Dental Cleaning

Although your dentist can provide a range of treatments, including dental implants and fillings for cavities, the reason you’re likely to visit your family dentistry clinic most often is dental cleanings. Most people need two cleanings per year for the best oral health. Some people with periodontal disease or other dental health risk factors need more frequent cleanings. If you have an appointment with your specialist in family dentistry in Alpharetta, here is what you can expect from your cleaning. oral hygiene in alpharetta


Typically, a full dental exam is performed in conjunction with dental cleanings. During an exam, your dentist will look for signs of oral health problems, from cavities to jaw problems and oral cancer. In addition to a visual exam, your dentist may use tools like an explorer to gently poke teeth and gums. Periodically, you may also need X-rays to look for problems occurring inside your teeth and gums that are not visible to the naked eye. Issues discovered during the exam may influence how your cleaning is performed. For instance, your dentist may note an area with significant buildup that needs special attention during your cleaning.


Dental cleanings are usually performed by a hygienist in your family dentistry practice. He or she will focus on removing tartar from your teeth that cannot be removed by brushing alone. Some hygienists begin cleanings using ultrasonic equipment to break up large chunks of tartar and then do a detailed cleaning using hand instruments to scape your teeth. Other hygienists prefer to just use the hand instruments only. Your hygienist can explain his or her methods before beginning the cleaning.


After thoroughly cleaning your teeth, your dental hygienist will polish them to make them look their best. During the polishing, a gritty substance and a rotating brush buff away stains and any plaque that remains after the cleaning. You will rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove the abrasive cleaner and any loosened plaque and tartar that remain on the surfaces of your teeth.

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