The Link Between Healthy Eating and Healthy Teeth

You may think of brushing and flossing as being the keys to good oral health, and while these steps certainly matter, your family dentistry team will also want you to keep the importance of healthy eating in mind. The foods and drinks you choose can have a significant impact on your oral health and the appearance of your smile. If you’re dealing with periodontal disease, teeth staining, or tooth decay in Alpharetta, talk to your dentist about how your diet could be impacting your oral health.

High-sugar diets encourage plaque to build up on your teeth, which can cause tooth decay and cavities. Foods that are high in acid can break down your tooth enamel, leaving you even more vulnerable to decay. For the best oral health, eat a diet that is rich in lean proteins and dairy and low in sugary snacks and sodas. Limit eating between meals and drink plenty of water to protect your smile and reduce your risk of dental health problems.

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