Why Treat TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint attaches the jaw to the head and allows you to move your jaw in different directions. Disorders in this joint can lead to pain and problems moving the mouth. Keep reading to find out why you should visit your dentist in Alpharetta to treat these TMJ disorders:

One of the most important reasons to visit the dentist for treatment is to get an actual diagnosis. Once the dentist determines that you are dealing with a TMJ disorder, he or she can determine the best way to fix it.

Why Treat TMJ? | Alpharetta

The dentist might prescribe medications that help reduce the pain and the swelling in the area. This helps you regain function of your jaw. You can also use a splint or a night guard to try to decrease the amount that you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep and put less pressure on your jaw. Getting treatment for your TMJ disorder is the only way to reduce your discomfort and to regain normal function of your jaw.

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