The Anatomy of a Tooth

When you visit your dentist in Alpharetta, you know that he or she examines all parts of your teeth for signs of health problems, but how well do you know what is going on under the surface of your pearly whites? Watch this video to learn about the four parts of your teeth that your dentist keeps healthy.

The top layer of tooth tissue is the part you see when you smile—the enamel. The enamel is one of the hardest substances in your body but is vulnerable to staining, which your dentist can fix with whitening and veneers. Under the enamel is the dentin, and inside that is the pulp. The pulp holds nerves and blood vessels. The pulp is covered by the cementum, which attaches the teeth to the gums and may be weakened by periodontal disease. Healthy teeth have healthy tissue in each of these four areas.

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