How to Choose a Family Dentist

If it's been a while since your last visit to a family dentistry practice or if you are considering switching to a different dentist in Alpharetta , there are some factors you should consider. Before selecting a dentist, you may wish to compile a short list of dental practices in your area. Then, evaluate the dentist's credentials and available services. You might also consider other factors, such as the dental technology available in the office and how comfortable you feel in that particular office.


The education and training of the dentist you select are critical. In the U.S., all dentists must complete dental school and obtain licensing. However, a truly dedicated dentist will be committed to ongoing professional development by taking classes in the latest dental technologies, techniques, and similar areas. If your dentist doesn't list this information on his or her website, you could call the family dentistry practice to inquire.

. Technology

Many dental patients prefer to choose a practice that invests in the latest dental technology. For example, you might wish to choose a dentist who offers BPA-free fillings and metal-free fillings, in addition to the removal of mercury fillings. Our office uses the latest and most up-to-date equipment, including digital dental radiographs and intra-oral photography.


The range of services offered by your chosen dentist is important. If the dentist you select doesn't offer orthodontics, for example, you will have to go to another office if you wish to improve your oral health by straightening your teeth. Select a dentist who offers services that are important to you and those you think you might need in the future, such as root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, or dental implants.


It's quite common for dental patients to experience a little anxiety when visiting the family dentistry practice. If this describes you, you may wish to select an office you feel comfortable in. You can visit the office and interact with the staff to evaluate the ambiance and your comfort level.

How to Choose a Family Dentist


Convenience is another important factor when selecting a family dentist. In addition to considering the location of the office, consider its hours. You might prefer to choose a practice that offers early appointments if you work long hours, for example.

Anxiety- Free Dentistry

Many patients are anxious when they receive dental treatment. We understand and want our patients to have a pleasant dental experience while in our office. Therefore, we offer complimentary nitrous oxide as a courtesy to our patients.

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