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Spotlight on High-Tech Cavity Detection Devices

There is a new, high-tech way to detect tooth decay in Alpharetta at your family dentistry practice—laser detection. By using a laser detection device, your dentist can identify cavities in their early stages, when they are very small, and stop the decay in its tracks before you need further treatment.

The DIAGNOdent laser—the kind used in your family dentistry practice—detects areas of decay inside the tooth, before it is visible during an exam or X-ray, and before it causes any symptoms. By identifying decay at this stage, your dentist can contain it and prevent it from continuing to grow into larger cavities. This could prevent the need for more invasive treatments, like root canals and crowns, and even periodontal disease and tooth loss. The dental laser is completely painless and fast. Your entire mouth can be scanned in just minutes. By combining laser technology with traditional dental X-rays, your family dentist can provide the best possible tooth decay screening.

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