This was the most pleasant time ever spent at a dentist. The root canal was painless and the staff here is simply wonderful. And I came by myself, which was a feat in itself because I dislike the dentist. But, this was good and I highly recommend him!
- Susan F. Alpharetta, GA
Dr. Myers, I wanted to thank you for giving me back a beautiful smile I can be proud of. You are always so patient and honest. Oh yeah, and you also have the best staff for a scared patient like myself.
- Lauren B., Alpharetta, GA
From the first time I contacted your office until I walked out after receiving my treatment, I was given the best service and treated nicer than any other office I’ve ever been to! I honestly was not expecting the experience to go so smooth but with your courtesy and professionalism, everything was a breeze and I am very satisfied. Thank you so much!
- Denise S., Cumming, GA
I am the biggest 52 year-old baby when it comes to going to the dentist! Thanks to finding Dr. Myers and his staff my fears have been dropped to a minimal.
- Patricia M., Atlanta, GA
It was not bad! NO pain during the filling!!!
- Mike T., Alpharetta, GA
Initially I came to Dr. Myers to get back on a normal dental hygiene schedule. I found the support staff at his office to be friendly and very helpful. They made me feel very comfortable and alleviated a lot of the anxiety I had about being back at the dentist. Dr. Myers was very helpful and had a lot of useful information for me as I pursued my elective dental procedure. What impressed me most was the fact that he wanted to insure my dental health issues were resolved before initiating the elective procedure. I am very satisfied with the finished product. I have confidence with my smile and everyone I have encountered has been equally impressed with the work Dr. Myers performed. Thanks to Dr. Myers and his staff. They are the epitome of professionalism and made this experience a positive and memorable one.
- Reese L., Atlanta, GA
Just wanted to let you know how nice my gum cleaning was today! Can you believe it? I’m such a baby, but no pain at all. Sweet!!!
- Mary C., Atlanta, GA
My first visit, I was so nervous and stressed. When I got to the office, all the ladies were so sweet and attentive. They stayed with me and talked to me. Dr. Myers is wonderful. A team of dedicated, straight forward people. Glad I found them. Would refer Dr. Myers and the girls to everyone. My sister is now a patient and my husband as well. Great bunch of folks. Will take great care of you.
- Allison T., Cumming, GA
Dr. Myers was introduced to me through employees at my former job. I have enjoyed his manners, humor, and the work that he has done and is going to make my smile healthier and prettier. Thanks for everything. All of the staff is excellent.
- Brittany M., Milton, GA
WOW! After many traumatic attractions by another dentist in the past, I was absolutely amazed at how painlessly Dr. Myers removed that tooth. Everyone here seems to do everything they can to be sure you feel welcome and comfortable- a rarity these days! I’m so glad I started coming here!
- Amy G., Alpharetta, GA
Great office. Dan Myers is a great dentist and football fan.
- Joe B., Atlanta, GA
Very friendly staff! Dr. Myers did an excellent job in preparing my teeth for my wedding in June. I am certain that I will have the perfect smile. I am very, very satisfied!
- Katie M., Alpharetta, GA
Thank you for always being ready for us, never have to wait and we are your only patients when we come. I so appreciate the special one-on-one service! You don’t get this kind of service in Florida. I can tell you that for sure!
- Christine S., Cumming, GA
I came into this office fearful and apprehensive. I honestly left feeling so much more relaxed and not afraid to return for any necessary work needed. Dr. Myers and his staff are truly phenomenal at making you feel important and comfortable. Your comfort level is of the utmost importance to them.
- Tracy P., Alpharetta, GA
I must say, going to the dentist for the general public can be a bit scary. Dr. Myers and his staff make the whole dental experience an enjoyable one. Dr. Myers and his staff are friendly and truly professional. Every few months, I’ll drive 110 miles (round trip) just for my dental visit. Now that tells you something right there. Dr. Myers uses the newest technology, which makes each person’s visit faster, easier, and offers the least amount of pain for the clients. This is something we can all appreciate. I truly feel that while visiting Dr. Dan, that I’m visiting my friend who takes care of my teeth, rather than just some dental office. Thank you and your great staff!
- Johnny G., Lawrenceville, GA
Several years ago I was involved in an accident that destroyed my once beautiful smile. After many surgeries to correct the extensive damage, my oral surgeon finally told me I could begin to correct both the cosmetic, as well as, functional damage the accident created, by locating a dentist who specialized in cosmetic dentistry. He told me there were many to choose from in the Atlanta area, some much more expensive than others. Cosmetic Dentistry isn’t inexpensive, regardless of whom you choose. My surgeon urged me to choose the cosmetic dentist I would use wisely. He recommended I consult with Dr. Dan Myers. I ended up choosing Dr. Myers and his friendly staff to attempt to restore the smile I longed to see again. My self-esteem had been affected drastically with the change of my smile. After the accident, I did not believe I would ever again want others to see my smile. I learned to cover my mouth with my hand when I laughed or smiled, or not smile at all. Today, 5 years later, it brings tears of joy to my eyes to hear others say “Wow, what a beautiful smile you have”. When I first heard those words I thought, “ I wish they were talking to me, I’d love to hear that again”, and then I realized they were talking to me! For many years after the accident, I did not believe I would ever hear those words again. With multiple implants, as well as, veneers, Dr. Myers and his staff recreated the smile I had before. It took much patience and compassion from his entire staff to ease me through the procedures to correct my teeth. To visualize and recreate one must be an artist, not just a dentist. I’m grateful I found both in Dr. Myers. I could not be more pleased with my smile today.
- Amy D., Winder, GA


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Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Alpharetta GA

Cosmetic Dentistry Center is a full service dental center featuring an experienced dentist, Dr. Dan W. Myers, and a talented staff of dental hygienists, dental assistants and patient coordinators. Our dental care office has served Alpharetta and the surrounding areas for over ten years with advanced dental services and attentive dental care. Our dental practice focuses on the aesthetics of a smile. Using only premium quality materials, the most advanced technology alongside the most current dental techniques, we create healthy, beautiful smiles for our patients.

At Cosmetic Dentistry Center. we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dental care, outstanding customer service and a warm and inviting environment. Your comfort and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. We go out of our way to make sure that we provide a comfortable, relaxing and caring office. As an added benefit for our valued patients, our practice offers free Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Oxide (also known as Laughing Gas) can be used to relieve patient anxiety and make for a more relaxed dental experience.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Center serves Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, and the surrounding communities with competent and trustworthy dental care. We offer a full range of advanced preventative, general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. We also offer specialized dental care and facial aesthetics, such as Juvederm and Botox. We put our patients first in everything we do which is why we have invested in state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our investments allow us to take digital X-rays, use intra-oral photography and laser cavity detection, digital patient education, VizLite® Plus with TBlue® Advantage for oral cancer screening, Isollite® and top of the line sterilization.

These investments allow us to use minimally invasive dental techniques and technology to fully examine, diagnose, and treat many oral health issues. At Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we understand that the health of your teeth is the basis for the health of your entire mouth – and even your body.

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For cosmetic dentistry and complete dental care near Cumming, you can trust the caring and dedicated dentist and staff at Cosmetic Dentistry Center. Our practice is currently accepting new patients and we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. Our cosmetic dental services are designed to positively alter the appearance of your teeth to drastically transform the appearance of your entire smile. Our general dental services are designed to prevent oral health issues, maintain optimal oral health, and treat any issues that arise.

We Want to be Your Alpharetta Dentist!

Our Alpharetta dentist, Dr. Dan Myers has a Doctorate in Dental Medicine (DMD) from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, and Dr. Myers had the honor of training with some of the most prominent and respected cosmetic dentists in the United States who were featured on the ABC hit show Extreme Makeover. During his extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Myers gained the insight necessary to hone superior artistry skills in esthetic dental reconstruction and other dental esthetics.

Your comfort and satisfaction are the upmost priority to Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Alpharetta. We understand that visits to the dentist can cause anxiety and nervousness. That is why we will do everything in our power to ensure that your visit to our dental office is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We want to be your Alpharetta dentist! If you are looking for a superior dental experience with a highly trained dentist and staff, we are here to exceed your expectations! Contact us now to schedule your appointment.